How Superpowers and Soulmates Works to Super Charge You

By entering your birth date, we will connect you to your perfect harmonic soulmate / moneypartner.

You've noticed that every extremely wealthy and powerful person has a success partner. Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak. Bill Gates had Paul Allen. Warren Buffet had Charlie Munger. Elon Musk had Peter Thiel.

Even if you don't plan on being as rich or powerful, if you want to level up your life, finding the right harmonically empowering partner will transform your world beyond your imagination. 

By signing up, you'll be alerted as soon as your harmonic soulmate is found. Chat with them in Telegram for safety. Then, escalate your relationship any way you wish. 

This will soon become a premium "pay per connect" service. As a founding member of our new site (if you register now), you are grandfathered in to first access to all new harmonic matches at no cost. For life. Later, we will charge $99 per match.

Technical Details

There are 4 categories where a match is possible:

1. year

2. month

3. day

4. hour

Depending on where a harmonic match is found, how you match and complement each other changes. If your year of birth is a match, then you are compatible mentally and strategically. You are perfect for solving each other's strategic and logical problems like business planning, chess, math problems. If a match is found in the month category, you are perfect for each other in an emotional way. So you are perfect for supporting each other through emotionally challenging situations. Here's the complete system:

1. year soulmate match: mentally harmonic

2. month soulmate match: emotionally harmonic

3. day soulmate match: physically harmonic

4. hour soulmate match: activity harmonic

Money Soulmate, MoneyPartner

If you're looking for a business partner, then only 1 and 2 need to be a perfect harmonic match. 

Romantic Soulmate

If you're looking for a romantic partner, 1, 2, and 3 must be a perfect match. If 3 is not a perfect match, you will not be able to eat together, sleep together, go for long drives together, etc. Because your physical comfort zones will be completely different. One person will want to sleep in a cold room and the other person will want to sleep in a hot room. One person will want steak and the other person will be a vegan.

Sports / Labor Soulmate, TeamMate

If you're looking for a sports team member, then you need to be perfectly harmonic in areas 2, 3, and 4.

Drop Down the Rabbit Hole

So register. There may already be a perfect harmonic soulmate in our system. If there is, you'll know immediately in the next screen after you register. If not, just wait for an email or telegram alert. The experience of meeting your harmonic soulmate or moneypartner feels like you literally walked into an alternate universe where everything just goes your way.


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